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Adnan Alliance Organization

Adnan Alliance Organization

Today, this organization officially starts offering its services to the public (Muslims and non-Muslims). Although this site is aimed at a global audience, this first post is a message Kuwait’s people specifically (where this organization is based). And a message to all Muslims in general:

Can we be better? a question echoing in my mind for as long as I can remember.

When it comes to technology, can we be better than other nations? The US, Japan, Germany… Well, can we? When I ask this question, most people laugh or dismiss it as a joke.. but when they realize that I am serious, they thoughtlessly reply: ” I wish we could be, but we can’t”. And when I ask for the reason behind their answer, they reply ”the whole country must make an effort and I can’t do it alone”…

Although it is somewhat logical; you need an entire nation to work together to become better, but it is simply imposable! You can’t simply tell every citizen to become the best he or she can be and expect them to become so.

So what is the solution, you ask? Well, it’s simple: BECOME THE BEST YOU CAN BE!

You can’t change an entire nation overnight, but you can start by changing your self. If you make an effort and another does the same, our nation will succeed! This is, assuming that you do so while abiding by The Holy Quran and the teachings of the Prophet. Our efforts will simply go in vain if such an assumption is false.

This site is a testimony to our commitment to the rise of our nation. We will try our best to make this organization a successful one. We will try our best to accomplish the goals for which this organization was founded.

Finally, How much longer do you really think the world will continue to depend on oil… personally, I would be very surprised if it continues demanding oil after 7 years. At least not in the way it needs it today. We must seize this opportunity before it is too late. We must invest in the future by establishing our selves in the technological industry alongside other fields.

I urge each and everyone who reads this post to take action, not just naught his head. If you’re a student, study hard and learn every thing you can in your field. Don’t let getting a job be your only motivation, make leaning your primary goal! If you work at a job, work as hard as you can. I know sometimes – if not most of the time – the work you do is unappreciated. Still do it the best you can, if not out of responsibility, then out of religious faith.

A Muslim who wants CHANGE,

Proofreading done by Anxious Nut

Written by seininn

December 7, 2008 at 3:23 pm

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