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[SME] Development Screen shots: Second Take.. with SDL!

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Alslam 3laikom all,

The past couple of days were interesting to say the least. i have decided to bail out on GLUT and use SDL (SDL and GLUT are both cross-platform libraries that deal with window mangers and event handling). SDL gives me far more control over input handling and video display. and as a result, the game can now run in full screen mode 1280*800, a CPU killer considering i’m using a 1.83GHz laptop with a 128MB nVidia GPU that preforms like a 97 year-old when i run Quake 4. it can also run in 16*16 mode for those of you out there who can’t get over the microscopic screen of the Gameboy color 🙂

The engine now also supports multiple players using one keyboard (3 at the moment, any more than that would be overdoing it).

anyways, let me leave you with outdated screen shots.. as usual. note that these aren’t the SDL shots. i tend to show you old pix. haha

PS: Only ten days left till the project deadline.. yeah it’s a project for school (somebody shoot me if i ever decide to do a project like this ever again!)

Top Image: Low Detail Level for high frame rate. Bottom Image: Higher Detail but takes about .25s which is very slow for this type of games.

Halfway into modeling the berd.. yes i'm ditching Mr. teapot

sky shot of the finished model.

here watch an old video.. yeah cool oooo yahoo

Written by seininn

December 31, 2008 at 12:11 am

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