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[SME] Game Engine Pre-Beta Release!

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I dedicate this project to each and every Muslim in Gaza, may God be with you…
They WILL pay sooner or later, but they will pay and that’s a fact!
Death Tole: Approx. 700 dead and counting.

The game engine is finally ready for pre-beta testing! please help out by downloading and testing it. take a look:

If you cant view the video, click here to download. but note that this server upload rate is limited to 512Mbps and there is probably no buffering. you have been warned.

You will need the following to run the program:

  1. A computer with a good processor (recommended: over 3GHz for single core processors, and 1.8GHz for multi-core processors)
  2. A graphics card with hardware acceleration (recommended: with 128MB or better)
  3. The system must be running Linux 2.6 or later (windows users see the Don’t Have Linux? section)
  4. You will need to have  ether SDL (HIGHLY recommended) or GLUT. This might have been done automatically for you. Refer to your OS documentation (or check your package manager).

First, download this. this is a compressed archive containing two executables; one built with SDL, and the other for  GLUT. extract the two programs and double-click. Note that the GLUT version suffers from several bugs, but it will run (see the I want GLUT! section). this is because all active development is concentrated on the SDL version. Don’t judge the project on this version. Try SDL first!

Also Note that the source of this project is not included with the package but is freely available. if you want the code please email me. Note that the code will be available – Insha2 Allah – with the official beta release 🙂

you can also use the terminal to run the programs. This gives you more options regarding resolution. just type ./SM-SDL or ./SM-GLUT to start the program (make sure your in the directory first). you can alternatively specify custom resolution. the default resolution is 640 by 480. you can specify any value as long as your hardware can support it. I recommend 1280 by 600.

Finally, Please leave a comment if you decide to download the package. You are under no obligation to report back or even run it. I just would like to get an idea on how many people actually downloaded it. and no, I’m not good at PHP 🙂
And if you decide to try it out, please give me your opinion. Don’t try to be nice (assuming that you will), just give me you honest opinion no matter how harsh it may seem.

Don’t Have Linux?
So you don’t have linux installed? well, you’re in luck. you can run linux and try out this game engine without having to change anything on your hard drive. just follow these simple steps:

  1. Download an GNU/Linux live CD. I recommend Ubuntu, and these steps will be based on it.
  2. The image should be approximately 700MB. Burn it on a blank CD.
  3. Insert the new CD and choose the first option. Don’t worry, this will not install the system. it will simply load the system into RAM, and therefor is not permanent.
  4. This will take a few minutes. when your done, you should have a full desktop up and running.
  5. Click system (the upper left of your monitor), then click Administration>Hardware Drivers.
  6. You should get a window with a list of drivers for your hardware. check and see if your graphics card driver is listed with them. if it isn’t, go to step 7. However, if it is, see if it is enabled and in use (green dot). If not enable it (you might need an internet connection). it might complain that a program failed, if so close the program. now press Ctrl+Alt+Backspace so that the new driver can be activated. If you are not sure you have hardware acceleration read the notes bellow.
  7. Download the pre-beta package, choose save, and extract it on you desktop by right-clicking the package and selecting “extract here”.
  8. Go back up and continue on reading where you left off>

I want GLUT!
There are special consideration to be taken into account when using the GLUT version. First of all, you will need to press and hold the left mouse button so that mouse movement can effect the game (library limitation). Also, any directional key you press will effect and continue to effect the engine until the program is terminated. In other words, use the SDL version.


  • If you’re not sure weather hardware acceleration is enabled or not, do the following:
    Right-click on an empty space on your desktop. Then select Change Desktop Background from the list. select the last tab titled Visual Effects and select Extra. If it is selected, try moving the window. If it jiggles, then you in luck and the graphics card driver is in use.
  • Ubuntu comes with software called Mesa. this software can substitute for hardware accelerated graphics, but because it’s software, it is far more slower then hardware. It might be able to run the game. But it’s unlikely that the game will be playable or will even run correctly. It didn’t for me.
  • Note that you may need to change the permissions of these two files in order to be able to run them. To do this, open the terminal and change the current working directory to the one containing the two programs. Then type chmod 740 * If the two files are the only files in the directory, or type chmod 740 file name where file name is the name of file you want to run.

Written by seininn

January 11, 2009 at 8:15 pm

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