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Haxorizor: +|-|3 }{/-\><0|2!2()|2 P|20_|3<+ 0\/\/|\|5

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The Haxorizor project was started to produce a highly customizable bi-platform dynamic l33t character encoder; it takes in normal alphabetical character and spits out it’s l33t equivalent. it was also started out of boredom. Currently, Haxorizor can be used in live (interactive) mode and for processing entire text files. it should be noted that live mode is available only when the source is compiled for linux and is not available on windows. On the other hand, a full-featured GUI has been made available for Windows users as a separate program that uses Haxorizor to encode characters. it is also included in the package.

Although it’s still in alpha, it can be downloaded here. extract the tar.gz archive and read the installation instruction is the INSTALL file. note that the source is compatible with windows but you’ll need to compile it directly using gcc. linux users can compile and install it using the build.sh script. Any feedback IS appreciated! you can comment here directly or email me at sigtermer.at.gmail.com.

just a note… the title was generated by haxorizor in live mode 🙂

SIGTERMer & Anxious Nut

Written by seininn

March 19, 2009 at 2:02 pm

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  1. […] text file to try something on it, just like the time me and SIGTERMer needed one to know how far Haxorizer and HaxorGoo could go (as in the largest size of a text file could be […]

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