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Python is not for me

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It’s been about a week since i started working as a programmer and 10 long days with python.  i am required to program in python, a language i have never thought i would need to learn, to implement small utilities that major programmers don’t have the time for (grunt work). as a c programmer for most of my digital life, i had a “trouble” getting the hang of it. such as implementing an algorithm in 3 minutes which requires 3 hours of debugging. anyways, as i went along, concerns regarding python started to rise. here are the top of my list:

  • I have noticed that python 2.6.1 is not compatible with python 3.0. although there is a script(s) that might help make the transition more smother. i can’t help but feel that my programs i write well break sooner or later.
  • C only needs the runtime libraries, and those can be statically linked so the program will run on its own. python needs an entire interpreter as a pre-requirement. this is one of the main reasons why i ditched java (an additional 80MB download and a whole virtual machine  to run a 15k program is ridicules).
  • Depreciation.. perhaps this is more related to the first point. but if i leave my script for, say 10 years, will it still run?
  • No matter how you do it, python can never be as fast as c (libraries aside)
  • whitespace. i guess i’m too attached.

There were more but i can’t remember. despite having these concerns, it does have it’s good sides:

  • great built-in support for types. and the exception system is a treat. no need to check, just do
  • a rich set of standard modules are included. networking, threading, …
  • great for web development
  • a good set of documentation

Personally, this advantages alone are not enough. i’ll probably stop developing in python as soon as can. although, i might still use it for networking and web development (beats learning php).

Only time will tell…


Written by seininn

April 3, 2009 at 5:49 am

Posted in Articles, Reviews, Software

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