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once again, creative commons saves the day!

a couple of hours ago, i needed a simple map of earth’s surface for AAO’s new website to facilitate selecting interface language. the first thing that came to mind was google maps. but if i’m not mistaken, the maps are copyrighted.

so i searched cc content, and to my surprise, i found exactly what i was searching for and it was released in the public domain!

the result (with some openGL and GIMP magic):

I usually release everything under ether GPL (for software) or CC (for media), but media might be going to more public places soon.

everyone listen up: if you can license there work under open licenses or release it into the public domain, please do so. the globe would have taken me a lot longer to finish if i had to draw the continents by hand. and i’m sure there a lot cases like this one happening daily.

Open Content is the Future! please keep up!


Written by seininn

April 8, 2009 at 1:39 pm

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