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a .net.kw domain for 120$ and that’s not all!

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Kuwait has some of the weirdest rules on the planet, i’ll give you that.
most of them don’t even make sense, but 120$ for a domain name is profoundly wrong.

I was assigned the task of starting up and maintaining the offical AAO site (don’t worry, this blog will remain the main one). while searching for domain names for the site, i thought of .kw. i mean come on, what better way to promote kuwait and our selfs as kuwaities then a .kw domain. so i dropped by http://www.kw. i was stunned when i saw this:

being desperate not to get an online banking account, i conveniently developed amnesia, and continued on reading. reading more, i discovered that i – as a person – am not entitled to get anything except a .net.kw. (i had my eyes on .kw or .org.kw)

developed amnesia again, and continued on reading. the third “rule” did it where it stated that the registration must be done through one of our half dozen ISPs. if you live in kuwait you would know that here, you would need to pay about 60$ per month for a 256kbps connection. i might be able to afford forking 120$ every two years, but the is NO WAY i’m going to pay for a static ip with a decent connection(> 1Mbps). it’ll cost me at least 5 times the amount (300$ per month without registration fees). i was intending on using FreeDNS name servers which is free and no limits are imposed.

I would just like to say that kuwait should be more open like Tokelau (www.tk) when it comes to domain registration or at least like normal 9.99$/year domains out there.


Written by seininn

April 9, 2009 at 3:19 am

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