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Dar al-Sword?!!

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As i was searching for a large blob of text written in arabic (to test the longtext variable in MySQL), i stumbled on a wikipedia article on islam. one thing that caught my eyes was the verity of languages in which this topic was covered.
Even hebrew had its version of this article. being the curious person i am, i decided to translate it and see how correct the article is since it was a Featured Article.

This is part of it:

…According to the Muslim perception, the world is divided into two parts: Dar Al – Islam (دار الإسلام) – House Islam, the region has already held a Muslim area, such as Saudi Arabia and some of the Middle East, and Dar al – Sword (دار الحرب) – a place of war, the region where These non-Muslims to live, like Europe. הקמת מדינה לא-אסלאמית באזור של דאר אל-אסלאם מהווה בעיה קשה בהשקפת העולם המוסלמית, ויש מוסלמים הסבורים כי אי אפשר להשלים עם מצב כזה, אלא באופן זמני ומוגבל. The establishment of a state does not – in the area of Islamic Dar Al – Islam is a problem difficult to be seen in the Muslim world, and Muslims believe that is impossible to accept such a situation, but temporary and limited. השריעה מטילה מגבלות על לא-מוסלמים החיים במדינה מוסלמית. Sharia imposes no restrictions on – Muslim Muslims living in the country. רק בני דתות מונותאיסטיות (ובעיקר נוצרים ו יהודים ) רשאים לחיות במדינה מוסלמית והם מוגדרים כ” בני חסות ” החייבים במס גולגולת ונתונים להגבלות. Only son religions Monotaistiot (especially Christians and Jews) are allowed to live in a Muslim country and they are defined as a “sponsor of” skull and have tax restrictions…

Dar al – Sword (دار الحرب)…

I’ve been a muslim all my life, and never have i heard of such a term!
because of people (like the author of that paragraph) who posses an outstanding ability to make things up, a lot of people have the wrong idea about islam. before writing about something, the author must at least know a little about what topic he/she is writing about. at least when writing for a site that many people consider correct.

Don’t believe Everything you hear


Written by seininn

May 5, 2009 at 1:12 pm

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  1. and that’s why i hate who writes about stuff without having an idea about it!!!

    Anxious Nut

    May 7, 2009 at 11:13 am

  2. so unfair, we, Muslims don’t judge them that way, but the truth will show up someday..at this rate, we should prey-Nd’2y- for them guidance..
    after all we, the humans don’t know the thing’s price till we lost it


    June 13, 2009 at 3:07 pm

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