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AAO rescues a 1 day-old cat

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The Rescued cat

The baby -rescued- cat

The night before the incident, I was entering my house at 8:30, before I entered i saw a shadow of a big cat on my head’s shadow. I got freaked out,  I looked behind and realized that there was a cat on the fence!! At that time I heard a cat screaming (other than the one on the fence) I said “They’ll go away”.

The next day when I got out going to school i heard the same scream, but neglected it. when I came back from school I realized that there was a cat stuck somewhere!! Bone-Crusher was with me, he went searching for the cat, but no clue! he said “When I go further I here the sound from behind, but when I step back I hear the sound coming from the place where I was before!!” I thought it was stuck between the bushes or something! -Out of nowhere- My young brother came out noticing what we’ve noticed, Suddenly he said “The cat, it is in the pipe I can see its face” I was like “what a load of …” *crouched and concentrated*  “WHAT!!!” , it was true it was inside the pipe.

The pipe that the cat was in

This pipe

I was shocked! “How could a cat get in this pipe?” was the question in my mind, after a while we noticed that it was a baby and was abandoned by her mother (the one that scared me the other night). At that moment we tried to get it out, but no luck. A person suggested to take a vacuum cleaner and suck it(the problem was that the cat’s face was in front, so it WILL get hurt). We were out of ideas, until my father came and gave us an helpful idea, this is pipe’s one hole, and it has two; so… we took a hose and put it in the other hole and started the water.


The "map" of the pipe

The cat moved a bit, but the idea failed because the water was getting out (not moving the cat, getting out from hole No.2). I thought of an anxious idea. The idea was to take the hose and insert it all the way from Hole No.2 to the cat, and then push it with the hose. The cat started to scream again till it got out.


But once it got out, another problem started WHERE SHOULD IT GO? it doesn’t know anything, but the pipe, so it tried to get into the pipe again, I said “No you won’t” and blocked the hole putting my shoe, I told my BRAVE younge brother to take it/move it away a bit, so he took it (using his hands -I’d never do that!!! never did, never will-) and moved it. The cat went into our small garden hiding under the bushes being scared. We left her and got in our house, but it was still SCREAMING!! so we got out some milk, water, and some of our food (which was rice and shrimp -in other words emrabian-) and gave it to it, it didn’t want to eat, tried to feed her by -a little bit of- force, but still! WHAT A STUBBORN CAT! So we/I left it alone. And went to lunch.

After eating, I returned to it, and realized it ate/drank some. Good but, what now, we don’t want to keep it, so I talked to my father, and LOL, he said “we’ll keep it out there until it grows up a bit, and then we kick her out“!!

… To days have passed (today), when I came from school I was searching for it between the bushes but, I couldn’t find it. I got in the house and asked, but they all don’t know where did it go! :: Major Sad-face:: -I liked it a bit- I went in the house into my room. Then realized that the mother was in our balcony/very small-yard relaxing, then she looked at me…

The Mother

Da Mother

And then she ran away jumping over the wall. The good thing is that the mother is still here and alive, but WHERE IS THE BABY!!! I hope she knows where her baby is, cause otherwise, her baby is going to get hit by a car -the best thing some Kuwaitis do while driving a car-.

And by this, I have finished the whole story of the” rescue” and the other stuff (what other stuff?).

Anxious Nut


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May 7, 2009 at 2:26 pm

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Google Images – a new option

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Google Image Search engine has been recently upgraded; adding a new option for searching images(other than image sizes selection and the faces/photo/line-drawing selection) … they’ve added a color selection; meaning when you want to search for images, you can specify the color of an image (of course not a full image of a single color, cuz that’ll be dumb!! ). And by ” you can specify the color of an image” i mean: to choose the (majority) color in a single image, this might be helpful a lot! … I know you wouldn’t understand until you see an example, here look below,


as you can see, yes you can select a color (Red/Orange/Yello/Green/teal/blue/purple/pink/white/gray/black/brown), you might be saying right now “and how would that help?” the answer is the following example: if you wanted a picture of a mother board, not any color, you need a BLUE one (click here). another examples for gamers, hmmm …a GREEN PS3?!

See this will help; instead of clicking on “Next page” till you fnd the wanted color, you can easily do this! simple eh?!

Enjoy Gooooooooooogling images!
Anxious Nut

Written by AnxiousNut

April 23, 2009 at 4:21 pm

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HaxorGoo: A GUI Frontend for Haxorizor (windows)

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HaxorGoo is a GUI project for Haxorizor, It’s written/made in Visual Basic. HaxorGoo require Framework 3.5 or any later version to work. You can download HaxorGoo from here or here (currently only [haxorizor] 32 bit is pre-compiled, If you have 64 bit then you have to compile it yourself).

The package is tested only on Windows XP, but it should work on Windows Vista and Windows 7. The application does not need to be installed, just double click on HaxorGoo.exe and it will work unless if you don’t have Framework 3.5 installed. You can download the Framework from here.

You can read the manual here.

Please email me or post a comment if you have anything to say. For support please go to our Forum.

Written by AnxiousNut

March 28, 2009 at 2:03 pm

Running Windows 3.1 in Linux

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1. DOSBox, ways to download it:
a. Open the terminal and type sudo apt-get install dosbox
b. Open Synaptic and download it (assuming you’re using ubuntu).
c. Go to its website and download it.

2. Windows 3.1, finding this was a problem, but I found a website that lets you download it for free, but you’ll have to make an account. Here’s the link: http://vetusware.com/download/Windows%203.1/?id=3391

1. Move the -downloaded- Windows 3.1 file/folder to a directory of your choice (Do not change its place after placing it, cause some steps depend on its path), extract it if it was zipped.
2. Open the directory that contains Windows 3.1’s files, you’ll find several folders named “Disk1”, “Disk2”, “Disk3”, …, “Disk7”.
3. Make a new folder named “CombinedFiles”.
4. Return to the directory that contains the disks. Now, move all the files in every disk folder to “CombinedFiles” folder.
5. Open “CombinedFiles” the folder that contains all the disks files, search for a file named “SETUP.EXE”, and open it with DOSBox. Once you’ve pressed it, DOSBox should start running, and then the installation begins.
6. Install it, it wont take time, and every time it asks you to put another disk press “Enter”. The installation should finish without any problems.
7. You’ll be asked whether if you’d to restart your computer or switch to MS-DOS, at that point switch to MS-DOS and quit DOSBox. So type in “exit” and press “Enter”. If that didn’t work, press “Ctrl + F9”. FYI If you didn’t exit DOSBox, Windows will not work in a good way and -probably- you wont be able to use your mouse.
8. Now go to “/home/YourName/” and make a new text file and name it “dosbox.conf”, copy and paste the following (don’t forget to change the path):
# Lines in this section will be run at startup. Type the following in on a new line:
mount C: /home/...path.../CombinedFiles/
9. Now you have two ways to run Windows 3.1:
a. Open DOSBox, type “cd WINDOWS“, and then type “win” and hit the “enter”.
b. Open any *.EXE from “CombinedFiles” with DOSBox, type “cd WINDOWS“, and then type “win” and hit the “enter

1. To kill DOSBox press “LeftCtrl + F9”
2. To get out your mouse from DOSBox prss “LeftCtrl + F10”
3. It boots in 3 seconds! (if not less)


Anxious Nut

Written by AnxiousNut

March 7, 2009 at 11:59 am

How to block Ads (ubuntu)

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Well, I just knew how to block ads (in Linux, BSD, and SolarisUnixes), so I’m going to share this with you in this short 4 steps tutorial! But before I start, for those who might ask “why would I want to block ads?” “Why should I?” for two things: to have your page loaded quickly and to not be annoyed ever again (… not really, I’ll tell the reason later on)!

Step1. Open nautilus as root.

step2. Change the directory to “/etc/” and open the text file “hosts”.

What you are going to do is that you’re going to insert URLs of ads in the text file and going to redirect that URL to localhost IP(; so that when the ad wants to load it’ll search in your IP(localhost), but it is not on your PC so it’ll go like “Not Found” which also means blocking ads(you could block unwanted sites too). The good thing is that you don’t have to enter every single ad URL; cause there are some sites which helped us with this; they provided a very long list containing all those URLs(ads)! just like http://www.mvps.org. anyhow let’s continue…

Step3. Copy the list from this page and paste it in “hosts” text file.

Step4. Save the document.

Congratulations, That’s it, you’ve just blocked all the URLs that are in that list. … About what I said before a while ” to not be annoyed ever again (… not really)” the reason is that there might be some new ad sites which are not included so they will appear in your browser, but you can always add the URL to the text file 😉 … and to be honest since I’ve done that till now I haven’t seen a single ad, so enjoy and don’t worry.

Anxious Nut

Written by AnxiousNut

March 6, 2009 at 1:19 pm

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Gollywood Gannel is OUT!!

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It’s finally here; the one and only original Gollywood Gannel. It is available on YouTube In separate sections! Watch the greatest Pokemon start-ups, laugh out loud with the hilarious Buddies, and relive the best moments with Rock the Eagle: The Movie. This product is made by Blue King and Silver Knight in 2008, but Gollywood Gannel has just been uploaded, so watch and you’ll never regret, so enjoy…

here’s a part of a program that we really enjoyed:

List of all Gollywood Gannel programs:
1.   GPS (Greatest Pokemon Startups)
2.   Go Barney (A Video Dangerous To The Mind)
3.   Guessing Game
4.   Glimpse Of Our Live
5.   Guest Segment (Baskal Episode 1 & 2)
6.   Gommercial (Commercial For Pink Programs)
7.   G True Hidden Identities: Special Episode
8.   Good Talk (The Famous Talk Show)
9.   Gay Group (Not Friends, Buddies)
10. Gollywood Movie (Rock The Eagle)

Q8BooK4U and Anxious Nut

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February 23, 2009 at 8:54 pm

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PSP Tissue Box

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PSP tissue boxes

A lot of us own PSPs and their boxes, we know what to do with the PSP but with the boxes,… we don’t. Some of us have thrown them in the garbage, but some didn’t; keeping them for no reason, not using them! well, I’ve got this thing to make you keep it, and to get some use out of it! Instead of keeping it in a drawer gaining dirt, you can put it on your desk,… make it a tissue box! I got inspired by MurderHeWrote. The best thing is that every time someone wants to take a tissue, he gets surprised and his face is like “!!!”. So make yourself one, and you’ll never regret it! And I’d like to thank SIGTERMer for lending me his PSP’s box, so thank you. Anyway, enjoy the tutorial.

How to make your own:

STEP1. Bring your box, a normal tissue box, a scissor, and a sharp tool (a knife would do the job).

Tissue box and PSP's box

STEP2. Open the box.

Opened box

STEP3. Cut the useless extra cardboard.

Cutting the extra cardboard

STEP4. Measure the hight and the with of the place where the tissues get out.

STEP5. Draw it on the PSP’s box.

After taking the measurements

STEP6. Take your sharp tool and cut the shape you’ve just draw.

Cutting the cardboard

By now, it should be like this.

How it should be looking

STEP7. Get out the tissues from the normal one and put them in the PSP’s box.

Filling the PSP's box with tissues

How the box should be looking after putting the tissues

The next step is an additional step to make it easier to open the box every time you want to refill it.

STEP8. Cut the edge to make it like a small triangle.

After cutting the triangle

Here you have it, your own PSP Tissue Box,… enjoy!

Two PSP tissue boxes (final form)

If you would like to have a copy of this tutorial in one A4 page, then click on the link here to download the PDF file.

Written by AnxiousNut

February 5, 2009 at 10:16 am