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New Novel!

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Coming Next Week on Q8BK Novels:

Operation Blackfish

When an ancient prophecy comes to life, threatening the world by extinction, it is up to the greatest minds to work together to figure out how to put a stop to this strange phenomenon, and protect humanity before it’s too late.

* A 7-Post Novel (Starting on Saturday, August the 8th til the 15th)

*First Novel with a storyline that unravels within 24 hours!

*First Online Novel featuring Bombutachakua!

*2009’s Last Published Novel. The next is due in 2010.

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‫جميع الحقوق محفوظه لــكتاب الكويت‬


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August 1, 2009 at 1:15 pm

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The Last Episode

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Tommarow ensha’ALLAH is the final episode for my short novel “Poison is the Perfect Potion” on aaonovels.wordpress.

I’m currently working on another short story that i hope to finish before fall. Once finished, I’m planning on Posting it on aaonovels.wordpress which will be consisted of 7 posts, i. e. a week. It’s entitled “Operation: Blackfish”

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July 22, 2009 at 11:01 am

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Short Story for Lolzies

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By Yousef A. Mustafa

The Love Life of Niko Bellic
By Yousef A. Mustafa

“We’re all looking for that special someone.” – Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic, the man who has the fate of Liberty city at his fingertips, is searching for love. When he first arrived to the land of opportunities, he dated Mitchell, his first sweetheart, but she dumped him once he took her on a date in his Annihilator and jumped out at 60 meters off from ground level. Niko was soon introduced by a friend to Kate, a nice gal, and thought they would be perfect for each others, but soon found out that she was exactly like his first girlfriend, afraid from falling from a 60 meter high abandoned chopper.
It was one of those insane, but normal to Niko, days when he met the woman of his life. Niko was flying the skies of Liberty city, crashing into buildings like a hopeless romantic.
“I need to get laid” – Niko Bellic
Like most of the times how the ride aboard the Annihilator ends, Niko Bellic crashed into a building and began to fall. However, this time was different. As he fell, he spotted someone running, jumping from one roof top to another. Niko had never seen anyone like her in his life. Although he wanted to go after her, he was falling and had no way to stop the process. Niko took out his cell phone in an attempt to spawn an Annihilator.
“Come on work you piece of crap.” – Niko Bellic
With no luck, Niko fell on the ground breaking every bone in his body once again. Needless to say, the hospital took care of him in the miracles ICU, restoring him back to normal, and the brainless body known as Niko Bellic was loose in the Liberty City streets once again.
The first thing Niko did once he walked out of the hospital, he took out his cell, naturally, and dialed up his trusty Annihilator. This time, Niko planned not to jump until he found his mystery woman.
Night and day passed by as Niko searched relentlessly in Liberty City. But then again, in that city a day and night is consisted of 24 minutes. Then .. he found her. She was wearing while sweatpants, a black t-shirt and one red glove. But above all, she was fast.
Niko eyeballed her so hard, that she was eventually effected by his stair and fell off the building she was running on. Niko knew he had to save her, so he took the Annihilator for a dive towards her, faster than he had ever gone before …
Niko woke up in the ICU, still in one part. But this time, Niko realized he had a visitor next to him.. it was her. After seeing her face, Niko immediately recognized her.
“You’re Faith Connors!” Niko said surprised.
Niko and Faith were in the same class in the 5th grade. He remembered her clearly since on their first day of school, she opened the window next to her and climbed out to the roof. She then began to jump from one building to another, braking some bones here and there. In spite of the teacher’s warnings, Niko followed her. Niko opened the window next to him, and jumped out, falling 9 meters on the ground. That was the first and last time they met. It was also the first time Niko was taken to the hospital, his second home.
“Faith, Will you go out with me on a date?” he said with a big smerk on his rugged face.
“No.” She replied right away, intimidated by his creepy looks.
Niko’s smile turned upside down, but in a few seconds, Niko restored his smile with an alternative question: “Faith, Will you marry me?”
“.. You’re brain dead, aren’t you?”
Niko snapped replying: “hey, give me a break, I’m a visitor to this country.”
Faith soon got out from the hospital, and back into jumping from one rooftop to another. But she realized that she is being followed by him in his Annihilator, crashing into billboards with a ridicules smirk on his butt-ugly face.
“Fine,” Faith stopped running and confronted him: “I’ll date you! but no Annihilators.”
“Well, since you put it that way… I’m in.” – Niko Bellic
That night, Niko took Faith out to a fancy restaurant, once inside, the waiter stared at them of their weird looks and clothing choices. Niko was wearing a cheap tux, while Faith remained in her running outfit.
“What are you looking at?” Niko asked the waiter in the ruddiest way imaginable.
“Nothing sir,” he answered scared, then tried to change the aggrasive atmosphere with a polite question: “would you like me to sit you.” The waiter kindly offered.
“I’ll rip your fucking heart out!” – Niko Bellic
It was too late, Niko was already aggresive.
“Sir, If you continue to talk to me like that, I’m afraid I will have to ask you to leave.”
“If you contenue to talk at all I will blow your head up.”
“Sir, please leave.” The waiter had had enough, and was starting to get angry
“for an annoying dick, you’re really an annoying dick.” – Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic along with his date were thrown out, and so Niko took Faith to a hotdog stand, and ordered for her a hotdog. He also bought a large green bottle of wine.
“So, what do you like?” Faith asked Niko.
“Life is complicated. I… I never thought I’d live like this.” – Niko Bellic
“Yeah, I hear ya,” she replied.
“When the war came, I did bad things, but after the war I thought nothing of doing bad things. I killed people, smuggled people, sold people.” – Niko Bellic
Faith started to get worried of being in the company of a maniac.
“After you walk into a village and you see 50 children, all sitting neatly in a row, against a church wall, each with their throats cut and their hands chopped off, you realize that the creature that could do this doesn’t have a soul.” – Niko Bellic
Faith started to think of an excuse to walk away from this lunatic. Niko saw the look on her face, and knew that he was loosing her.
“sorry,” Niko appoligized, “it seems I got a little, what you call it? brain damage?” Niko laughed slightly while contenuing to drink his wine bottle.
By the time the dinner was over, Niko was completely wasted.
“O shee,” Faith tried to excuse herself from his company, “look at the time, I better be going.”
“Don’t go, wait, I call us a car.” Niko raised his hailing a taxi, “Yellow car!” he shouted.
Once they arrived at Faith’s place, Niko couldn’t keep his wondering hands to himself and made a move on his date.
“I don’t think we should see each other anymore.” Faith snapped, mainly grossed by Niko’s existence.
“What? Why? we have many things in common, we both enjoy jumping from high places without thinking. We both get chased by cops all the time ..”
“.. Goodbye Niko.” Faith got out of the car, shutting the door behind her.
Niko opened the side window and shouted at her: “Scratch my fuckin’ balls, bitch!” – Niko Bellic
The next morning, Faith got out of her place through the bathroom window, and climbed up to the roof and jumped to the neighbor’s roof. Faith is not right in the head, but compared to Niko, she’s normal. As Faith leaped from one rooftop to another, she realized that Niko was stalking her in his Annihilator. She knew that he wasn’t going to let her go, so she went to the court to get a restraining order.
As days passed by, Niko continued stalking Faith in his annihilator.. but he did so from a distance of 100 yards.
“I’m sick of this shit!” – Niko Bellic
One night, Niko followed Faith into an ally and beats the crap out of her with a bat. “Can’t you see,” “he said as his face began to get covered by her blood, “we were meant to be together.”
“stop! this is the L.C.P.D., put down your weapon!” An officer threatened Niko as he held a handgun pointed at Niko’s head.
But Niko wasn’t the type of guy that would give up that easily. Instead, he just took out his phone and tried to spawn an Annihilator. Before he dialed any numbers, the cops shot him down.
Niko Bellic woke up in the hospital, seeing next to him Faith.
“Let’s start over, I’m Niko bellic, Faith Conners .. Will you marry me 🙂 ?”

Love Birds

Love Birds

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters used in this story. Niko Bellic (GTA4) belongs to RockStar, and Faith Connors (Mirror’s Edge) belongs to Electronic Arts.

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July 5, 2009 at 3:52 pm

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An a.a.o. Novel

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Hello everyone, it’s me, Yousef Mustafa, the aaobloggers member who was never active. With my first post on this blog, I invite you to my own blog! My blog, aaonovels, will specilize in posting certain novels i decide to share with the world. I will do so by posting parts of a story on a daily basis, or something like that.

This is the title of my first online novel, entitled “Poison is the Perfect Potion”. It revolves around a 13 year-old kid, a strange girl and other blizzards characters. Enjoy the plots and twists in this weird adventure on my own aaonovels.wordpress.com. The Picture below is the title of my latest work.


COPYRIGHTS © 2009 Kuwait Book

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May 30, 2009 at 11:27 am

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